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Made in Scotland, the home of the world’s finest spirits

Our Vodka

A handcrafted vodka made in Scotland by our International Award-Winning Master Distiller using a bespoke filtration process, SKOTKA® is Scotland’s Ultra-Premium Vodka.

Every Angle covered

The distinctly elegant SKOTKA® bottle encapsulates the work of a team of expert designers over several years, with every element carefully considered and carrying its own story.

Every drop of SKOTKA® has been meticulously distilled 7-times

An Impeccably Handcrafted Ultra-Premium Vodka

SKOTKA Vodka 70cl Bottle and Gift Box
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— Vodka —

SKOTKA® Vodka is handcrafted in Scotland using the finest of ingredients and an enviable level of distilling expertise.

The purity and crispness of each drop of Highland Water used helps create the definitive Vodka experience.

The sheer quality of SKOTKA® allows it to be enjoyed neat over ice, as well as mixed with a premium tonic or as an ingredient in a delicious vodka-led cocktail.

The Taste Experience:

  • Clean on the nose, subtle hints of fresh citrus

  • Smooth across the palate

  • Exceptional subtly sweet aftertaste


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Scotland’s Ultra-Premium Vodka


Perfectly Blended

SKOTKA® can be enjoyed neat, with your favourite mixer, or at the centre of a vodka-led cocktail. Our signature cocktails will ensure you experience SKOTKA® the way we intended.

Discover Scotland

Capturing the spirit of Scotland in each bottle, SKOTKA® combines Scottish distilling expertise with the country’s finest natural resource - impeccably pure water.

Expertly Handcrafted using the Purest Highland Water from Scotland